Making An Appointment

To book an appointment please contact our Reception staff to: 02-95686600.

If you need a longer consultation to discuss multiple issues our team can help you to book a longer appointment time with your medical practitioner.

We give priority to patients who have booked appointments. If you are a walk in patient with a medical emergency, our team will initiate a triage process where the first available Medical Practitioner will see you. If you are a non-urgent walk in patient, you will be offered the next available appointment time.  If you prefer to wait to be seen, the duration may be up to 2 hours or longer depending on availability. Please call us before you arrive to ensure you get an appointment time that suits you.

We understand that sometimes you may not be able to attend your appointment. Please let us know as early as possible.


Costs Associated With Your Care

There may be additional out of pocket costs associated with treatments or procedures at the centre.  Please discuss this with your Medical Practitioner at the time of consultation or a team member. Generally, additional fees will apply for:

Dressings (not claimable from Medicare)

Facility Fee (non-claimable from Medicare), which is to cover the cost of consumables, sterilisation of equipment, etc.

Mirena removal/insertion

Mole removals, stitches

Cryo therapy

There may be additional costs associated with investigations or consultation with referred medical specialists, allied health professionals or other allied health services. Please ask the referred service provider or specialist about their fees.


Medical Care Outside of Our Opening Hours

If you or a family member needs to consult a Medical Practitioner outside opening hours, please call our nominated after-hours provider 1300 Home GP (Phone: 87246300). This service will arrange a Medical Practitioner to visit you at your location or home. When you book your appointment we recommend that you enquire about the fees payable.


Continuity of Care

When you are making an appointment or attending our Practice, you can request to be seen by your preferred Medical Practitioner for continuity of care, however, from time to time, your Medical Practitioner may be unavailable or not consulting that day. Our team will try and assist you by offering you an alternative Medical Practitioner and/or appointment time.


Verification of Identity

We need to verify your identity using 3 different identifiers every time you attend our Practice.

Name (family name and given name)


Address (can be location e.g. 55 street name or suburb)

Your Medicare number or card, a HCC, DVA or social security/concession card are not approved identifiers. If you are uncomfortable in providing this information verbally, we can offer you alternative ways to verify your identification. Please discuss this on arrival with our friendly team members.


Interpreter Services

Our health services accommodate a diverse multicultural population, including those with a disability. If you are caring for someone who does not speak English, we can access translating and interpreting services. Please let us know at the moment of the booking so we can arrange the service by the time of the consultation. Fees may apply if a free service is unavailable.

For patients with disabilities and who are not fluent in English we use the following services:

National Relay Service (NRS) for patients who are deaf

Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) for patients from a non-English speaking background


After Your Appointment


Pathology tests and Imaging results

When your Medical Practitioner asks you to undergo a diagnostic test, it is recommended that you book a follow up appointment prior to leaving the Practice.

During this consultation your GP can explain and discuss the results with you. If you need to attend the centre earlier than your scheduled appointment, we will contact you.


How to communicate with Medical Practitioners

We understand how important the trusted relationship you have with your Medical Practitioner is to you and your family. If there are reasons why you cannot attend our centre to see your Medical Practitioner face-to-face, you may wish to call them.

It is important to note that our Medical Practitioners are unable to accept calls whilst consulting, unless it is an emergency. Our friendly reception team will notify your Medical Practitioner by electronic communication of your call so they can respond accordingly.